Yelp sucks May 21

The headline says it all.  We’ve been getting great reviews on Yelp but since the people who use this service are those that are too busy to sit on Yelp and review all day, their reviews have been “filtered”.  They basically don’t show up on our Yelp page unless you click on “Filtered Reviews”.  To make it worse, we don’t have a rating even though our average is 4.75/5 stars.

Anyways, we thought we would post the reviews here to show the overwhelming responses we’ve gotten.  Thanks to everyone for the kind words!

“Nick did a fantastic job helping plan our event.  His tips were excellent, and every one of his recommendations really added to the experience.  He clearly knows his stuff around Austin, and didn’t hesitate to tell me when he thought I had found as good of a deal as he might be able to arrange.  In all, his expertise led to one hell of a bachelor party.”  – Chris R from Atlanta (4/20/2011)

“Our party planner Nick did a fantastic job planning and executing our party. He made sure we were on schedule without making us feel rushed. As the evening unfolded our transportation was right where we needed it to be. He was professional in every way and kept in communication with us to ensure we were all having a great time. I highly recommend Spark for any Bachelor party needs.”  – John J from Round Rock, TX (2/22/2011)

“I live in Houston, and I was in charge of putting together my friend’s bachelor party in Austin.  Although all of us had been to Austin before, none of us knew Austin well.  Since I was swamped with stuff at work, and at the same time I didn’t want to procrastinate the party planning, I contacted Spark Parties to help me arrange the bachelor party.  Spark was great.  They put me in touch with a party manager.  We discussed the things that I wanted to do for the bachelor party, and my party manager took care of all the logistics.  Even though we drove to Austin from Houston, I had Spark arrange a van service so that we would not have to worry about having a designated driver.  We did a lot of things over the weekend such as we ziplined in the Hill Country, we hung out at some cool bars, we ate delicious bbq, and we did the things that guys do at a Bachelor Party.  We had 9 guys in our party, and for accomodations, our party manager suggested and put us up in this mansion off of South Congress.  It was pretty awesome, and memorable.  South Congress is in the happening part of Austin so we felt that we were getting the most of our stay.  The nice thing was that I did not really have to do anything once I contacted Spark, and if I ever had any problems or questions during our time in Austin, I could always contact my party manager.  Saved me time, and I wish I could outsource all my work like this.”  – SS from Friendswood, TX (2/7/2011)

“We had a great action-packed three days with 7 of my best friends.  Spark took care of planning non-stop activities including outdoor and nightlife for a great weekend.  This including tubing down a river and followed by some great Texas BBQ.  They know their way around Austin, so we were even able to change gears on the fly if we wanted to try a new place.”  – SB from Smyrna, GA (1/11/2011)

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