Founded in 2010, Spark Bachelor Parties is the longest running bachelor party planner in Austin, Texas. With over 20 years experience in Austin, our site was referenced by the NY Times when mentioning Austin as a popular bachelor party destination.

Our website provides advice on where to stay in Austin, places to eat and drink, bar districts, and online booking for daytime bachelor party activities. The most popular activities are Lake Travis boat parties, indoor skydiving, BBQ/Brewery tours, and gun ranges.

We are not a full service concierge as it’s not really needed in Austin. Austin is more like New Orleans in terms of going downtown at night. There are 150+ bars in a mile radius in 6-7 bar districts (learn more on the Nightlife page). Do you really need some random dude walking you from bar to bar when they’re all next to each other and don’t charge cover or have guy to girl ratios?

Spark Bachelor Parties is located in Downtown Austin, Texas.

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