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All prices include 4 hours on water, captain, tax, and gratuity included. Transportation is $640 with tip included and food is $13 per person (add-ons that can be added when booking). WE ONLY TAKE A $359-$400 DEPOSIT NOW AND THE BALANCE IS DUE THE DAY OF AT THE MARINA:

  • Standard Double Deck Party Boat with Slide (holds up to 25 people) = $1,360
  • 36′ Yacht (holds up 19 people) = $1,500
  • Upgraded Double Deck Party Boat with Slide (holds up to 25 people – only difference from Standard Double Deck Boat is that this one is 5 years newer and everything is the same; it’s basically overflow if the Standard ones are booked up) = $1,700
  • Double Deck Party Boat with NO Slide (holds up to 15 people) = $1,200


Our #1 activity and a lot of fun – Lake Travis has a cove called Devil’s Cove where a bunch of boats tie up and party like Lake Havasu. The peak hours are Noon to 9pm since it doesn’t get dark until later in the peak months of May to September.

We can provide roundtrip transportation on a bus/van, 4 hours on the boat you choose when booking, and food. BYOB. 6-7 hours total roundtrip if you get transportation from us. NOTE: prices include 4 hours on water, captain, coolers on boat, taxes and gratuity. There are auxiliary jacks and large sound systems on the boats. Flotation noodles provided. Ice can be purchased at marina for $5 per bag.

Can add roundtrip bus/vans from your lodging for $640 all in and/or hot dogs + burgers + bottled water for $13 per person.

Popular itinerary:

  • 11am or 3pm – Pickup from your lodging where you load bus with booze, cups, and food (there is a grill on the boat and the captains grills your food for free if you bring your own). You drink and party the whole ride to marina.
  • Noon or 4pm – Arrive at marina and load party boat. You’re tied up and partying in Devil’s Cove within 20 minutes! While you’re swimming and drinking, the captain will grill your food or we can provide burgers/hot dogs/bottled water for $13 per person.
  • 4pm or 8pm (doesn’t get dark until 8-9pm during Daylight Savings) – Arrive back at marina and load bus back to lodging

More Info:
– Valuables: We are not responsible for any items left on boat or bus/vans.
– Weather: Unless there is lightning, we are going out! No exceptions for those that don’t want to go out in the rain. WE HAVE NO POWER OVER MOTHER NATURE OR HOW MANY OTHER BOAT COMPANIES WILL BE OUT ON THE LAKE. IF YOU ARE ON THE BOAT FOR AT LEAST HALF YOUR TIME AND WEATHER FORCES YOU TO COME BACK TO DOCK, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. No exceptions – we cannot control the weather! Normally, if it’s raining, the other 6 boats are in the same situation and bond together to party and drink.
– Not included: Drinks, snacks, food (if not purchased from us), cups, ice or alcohol.
– Things to bring: Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses, water, snacks, towels.
– Restrictions: Ages 21+ only.
We ask that you do not make plans immediately following the tour. Our drop off time is approximate. Please allow at least a 1 hour window.

—– 14 Day Cancellation Policy We issue 100% refunds for cancellations made more than 14 days in advance of the scheduled trip time MINUS THE $200 NON-REFUNDABLE. We do not issue refunds inside of 14 days of the scheduled trip time. We do not issue refunds for no-shows. In the event of weather that cancels one of our trips, we will give you a 100% refund – IF YOU ARE ON THE BOAT FOR AT LEAST HALF YOUR TIME AND WEATHER FORCES YOU TO COME BACK TO DOCK, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. No exceptions – we cannot control the weather! If you cancel less than 14 days in advance of your trip or do not show up for your trip, no refund will be issued. No exceptions.

WE DO NOT REFUND IF YOU DO NOT ENJOY YOURSELF – that is up to you. We are there to provide boat time, captains, and transportation. We don’t sell experience because again, that is very subjective.

Spark Productions Inc functions as a tour and logistics firm only. Transportation and excursion activities, such as boat parties, are operated by outside parties. Any damages or claims will be referred directly to the outside party responsible. Spark Productions holds no responsibility or liability for the operations of these outside parties. Drinking and swimming has inherent risks associated with it. Each tour participant is required to sign one or more waivers of liability the day of the event recognizing the risks involved in the excursion activity and indemnifying the operating parties.

Payment Policy We take either a $359 or $400 deposit at booking – the balance is due in person the day of your party at the marina. You are responsible for any damage to boats or bus with a payment on the spot.


FAQs on boat parties:

  1. Is February too early to go out on the lake?
  2. How far in advance do Saturday parties sell out?
  3. What is peak time to be on the lake?
  4. Why not Lake Austin since it’s closer to downtown and cheaper?
  5. What’s the difference between the double deck boat with a slide and the yacht?
  6. What’s the difference between the standard double decker and upgraded double decker?

These six questions are the most common questions we get about Lake Travis. We sell out every Saturday from late March to late September and yes, February is too early to go out there if you’re looking for a party scene.

Saturdays do sell out 8-12 weeks in advance so don’t wait until February to book an April party!

The peak time on the lake on a Saturday or Sunday is anytime between Noon and 8pm. Yes 8pm since it doesn’t get dark until then. We had a ton of parties go out last Summer around 4pm or 5pm and have a blast since it’s hard for locals to go out the night before, logistically get everyone 45 minutes outside of downtown, AND actually have food and drinks in hand before 3pm. Plus, people are the most drunk in the late afternoon/early evening so any hour from Noon to 8pm will have crowds.

Lake Austin is more like a river (the Texas-Colorado river in fact) and is more for jetskis and wakeboards. Lake Austin IS NOT the party lake – it is more for water sports so if you choose Lake Austin, you will miss out on the big party in Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis.

The main difference between the double decker with the slide and the yacht is that it is all outdoors and has a slide. The yacht has an indoor portion with a bedroom, nicer bathroom, living room, and mini kitchen (and no slide).

The only real difference between Standard Double Deck boats and Upgraded ones is that the Upgraded ones are about 5 years newer than the Standard ones. Once you get to Devil’s Cove and it’s a loud party, it doesn’t matter what boat you’re on so we recommend the Standard ones and if those are sold out, book an Upgraded one.