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Recommended itinerary for a bachelor party in Austin


Common questions about Lake Travis parties

  1. Is February too early to go out on the lake?
  2. How far in advance do Saturday parties sell out?
  3. What is peak time to be on the lake?
  4. Why not Lake Austin since it’s closer to downtown and cheaper?
  5. What’s the difference between the double deck boat with a slide and the yacht?
  6. What’s the difference between the standard double decker and upgraded double decker?

These six questions are the most common questions we get about Lake Travis. We sell out every Saturday from late March to late September and yes, February is too early to go out there if you’re looking for a party scene.

Saturdays do sell out 8-12 weeks in advance so don’t wait until February to book an April party!

The peak time on the lake on a Saturday or Sunday is anytime between Noon and 8pm. Yes 8pm since it doesn’t get dark until then. We had a ton of parties go out last Summer around 4pm or 5pm and have a blast since it’s hard for locals to go out the night before, logistically get everyone 45 minutes outside of downtown, AND actually have food and drinks in hand before 3pm. Plus, people are the most drunk in the late afternoon/early evening so any hour from Noon to 8pm will have crowds.

Lake Austin is more like a river (the Texas-Colorado river in fact) and is more for jetskis and wakeboards. Lake Austin IS NOT the party lake where it’s like Lake Havasu – it is more for water sports so if you choose Lake Austin, you will miss out on the big party in Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis.

The main difference between the double decker with the slide and the yacht is that it is all outdoors and has a slide. The yacht has an indoor portion with a bedroom, nicer bathroom, living room, and mini kitchen (and no slide).

The only real difference between Standard Double Deck boats and Upgraded ones is that the Upgraded ones are about 5 years newer than the Standard ones. Once you get to Devil’s Cove and it’s a loud party, the boat you’re on doesn’t matter. We recommend booking the Standard ones if it’s available at your desired time slot OR paying $340 extra if the Upgraded ones are available earlier in the day and that’s better for your schedule. Thanks

Book online by clicking Activities > Boat Parties


What’s the deal with South by Southwest (SXSW)?

SXSW brings over 100,000+ people to Austin for a two week festival in March that starts with an Education conference, then a digital/gaming conference, and then a music conference. The film festival is going on over both weeks.


This makes flights and lodging much more expensive than normal so most bachelor parties avoid SXSW.


BUT if you are already booked to come during those weeks, no worries. You will have a blast regardless of what’s going on with SXSW. The way SXSW works is that yes, they will take over most of the bars downtown but only starting at 7pm until 2am. From 7pm until 2am, you can pay around $10-$15 to get into any bar that’s not at capacity for festival attendees – simply look at the entrance of the bar you want to get into and if there’s no line outside, you can walk up to the bouncer and ask if you can pay cover to get in ad hoc.


Before 7pm, all events are pretty much open to the general public with free online RSVPs since those parties are thrown by record labels, magazines, and companies like MTV/Facebook. All the night parties that aren’t at bars work like this too (e.g. MTV will let anyone in who RSVPs on their website to a parking lot they rented out for the week). There is a service that will RSVP to all hundreds of parties for $30 per person ( If you can afford it, I think it’s insurance for you so all of your names are all over town and you can let your eyes/ears help you meander as opposed to having a grand plan built by prior research.


For boat parties that week, honestly, not many people will be on the lake. BUT, if you want to get onto a pretty lake and get drunk with your buddies for a somewhat unique experience, simply book online at

UT games and tailgating advice

Simply check or for tickets. Or scalp around the stadium…

People are super friendly during tailgating so we recommend all parties start at, which is the epicenter of tailgating, and then meander from there. Here’s a great rundown of good tailgates:

Austin Bachelor Party Dinners

Please contact these restaurants directly for reservations for your Austin bachelor party dinner:

Trendy/tapas – Swift’s Attic

Sushi – Uchi (pricey)

Steak – Perry’s

Tex Mex – Uncle Julio’s

Interior Mexican – La Condesa

BBQ – Lamberts

Brunch – Tacos and Tequila (TNT)

Spark is planning more dadchelor parties!

Never heard of a dadchelor party? It’s basically a bachelor party but when your first kid is on the way. Definitely a great opportunity to hit Lake Travis to party or do some ziplining or ATVing before you’re tied down for a while. Book online or contact us today to plan that dadchelor party!

New York Times links to!

A couple weeks ago, the New York Times wrote an article on vacation rentals in Austin. One of the underlined URLs in the article told us something we already knew: we are the original and #1 bachelor party planning service in Austin!

The URL “popular bachelor party destination” in the article at links to! The author didn’t link anywhere else because he probably knew other operations weren’t legit or had limited activities/knowledge that they offer.

We couldn’t be more proud of the quality work we do in planning the best bachelor party for each group – this is proven by the latest reviews on Yelp: We now have another review mentioning the “best weekend of my life”. :)

To the next 5 years and beyond!

Feedback that never made it to Yelp about Spark Bachelor Parties’ success

Email on April 18, 2015: “Just want to tell you that the boat trip was a huge success. Weather turned out to be better than predicted and overall it was a great experience for everyone. The captain and the bartender were great people and super accommodating. Thanks for the recommendations and for planning the event the way you did.” – Diego from DC

Glowing Reviews for Spark and our Austin Bachelor Parties

Here’s just one of the glowing reviews for Spark and its bachelor party planning in Austin Texas:

“I’d like to say I’m an Austin Native, but I’ve been living in San Diego for the last 2 years and had lost touch with the ever evolving Austin. I was tasked to aid the best man on planning the bachelor party because of my history in the ATX, but I quickly realized that all the places I remember were either gone, worn down, or not the place to be anymore. Spark was there to mind that gap for us. Nick and his team created an itinerary catered to our wishes, and did not let us down! The Bachelor was ecstatic and I quote, he proclaimed, “THIS IS THE BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE!”

Need I say more, if you’re looking for an honest event planning company, your search is over, they are dependable and don’t play any games to squeeze that extra bit of cash out of you, it is completely utilized to make sure your event is the best it can be!

Thanks Nick and the team!”

– Neill from San Diego

Austin nightlife is not like Vegas, NYC, or Miami!

There are 150+ bars in a 1-2 mile radius in downtown Austin Texas! We don’t recommend bottle service anywhere since there are so many choices, none charge cover so you don’t have to get locked in, and none have guy/girl quotas. Here’s a quick rundown:

WEST SIXTH – Not the historical “Dirty Sixth” but the area between Guadalupe and Lamar on West Sixth Street. Mid 20s to 30s crowd with the best looking girls and plays Top 40 music. We recommend or is more Miami/Vegas like…

RAINEY STREET – The NEW “West Sixth” or just SE of Cesar Chavez aka First Street and Red River. Mid 20s to 30s crowd with the best looking girls and plays all types of music. We recommend or

DIRTY SIXTH – Where it all started and helped make Austin famous! The area between Congress and Red River on Sixth Street. Early 20s to 30s crowd with the cheap drinks and genuine fun. We recommend

EAST SIXTH – Hipster area with cheap drinks. We recommend

RED RIVER – Live music mecca!