The most common and fun daytime/evening activity from mid March until mid October is to go out to Lake Travis aka Devil’s Cove (about 45-60 minutes from downtown Austin) and drink/party on a boat. Hundreds of people go out every Saturday and tie up their boats and party like there’s no tomorrow.

Book online with our preferred marina partner – Austin’s Boat Tours.They have 10+ double deck party boats and party buses. Book directly on their website and you can book boats that come with captain included, roundtrip transportation, food, and bartenders all in one booking flow! So easy – only requires a $200 deposit now and the rest due when you arrive at the marina.


1. What do you do for 4-5 hours?
– You’ll have a captain that will take you from the marina at 16200 Lakeshore Drive Austin, TX 78734 to Devil’s Cove to tie up to other party boats. That ride is about 15 minutes on the water.
– You’re drinking the whole way and playing music on the speakers. If you get transportation from Austin’s Boat Tours or someone else, you’re drinking and listening to music on the ride to the marina too.
– Once in Devil’s Cove, your captain will anchor and you swim/drink/dance. If you bring food or buy food from them on their website, the captain grills for you for free. You can also bring food that you pick up before getting on the bus.
– You can go on the other boats tied to yours and socialize with others in Devil’s Cove. Once your time is ending, the captain will call you back on the boat and head back to the marina.
– Once you get off the boat, you take your transportation home. We don’t recommend trying to Uber/Lyft back unless you have a small group as availability/wait times are unpredictable since you’re 20-25 miles from downtown.

2. How much does it cost?
– After tax and tip for the captain, it’s about $1500-$2400 depending on if you get bartenders, food, etc. That’s divided by up to 25 people so averages about $100-$200 per person for 6-7 hours of fun.
– It’s only $200 down and the rest is due when you arrive at the marina.

3. What should we bring?
– It is BYOB only (no alcohol is sold for liability reasons)
– Cups and ice!
– Towels/Sunscreen/Sunglasses
– Card/Cash to pay balance
– Cooler for bus (coolers are provided on the boat)

4. What is the best time to go?
– Honestly, any Saturday slot you can get is great because each Saturday sells out from mid March to mid October. We like the later slots because locals mostly get on the water around 2-3pm CT.